Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yesterday was a funny day.It was a special day formyself.Because when 5 years ago the first time i came to New York was 09.09.04,my boyfrend had been lived in New York.I couldn't forget that.He made a beautiful birthday cake for me by himself.I felt so sweet and happy.That evening was wonderful.After that every year 09 Sertemper he would made a cake for me,it's not my birthday ,it's himselves birthday.But i know he just want me happy.Sometime i can't flighed to New York stay with him,but he never gave up.Yesterday,he made the cake as well then he used the internet let me have a look. At last he put the cake for the old people to ate.I said Happy Birthday to him when He called me yesterday.It was a special day .

Dream cake

I hope i have a beautiful wedding cake in my wedding party.If it comes from my husband i think it will be perpect.But just a dream.~Don't be earnest...


last holiday~

I went to Gold Coast last weekend with my family.It's a great holiday.Everyone were happy .We went to movie world and sea world.I played o lot of games with my sister,my grandfather and my grandmother were shopping.We saw some movie together.But the weather was not perfect.sometime was rain and some time still sunny.